TF2 Unusual Hats & Items Price Check, and Much More!

A TF2 Unusual Hats & Items Guide, Price Check, Trading Guide, and Much More! Price Check: German/English Trade: Unusal Hat Club: TF2 Trading Guide: TF2 Trading Post: Other sites can be found on using the more at the top of the page! My Backpack: My Steam Page: / Upper Tier: sehr gut und teuer * Burning flames (Red) * Scorching flames (Green) * Sun beams * Purple energy * Green energy Middle Tier: gut bis sehr gut noch bezahlbar * Ghosts * Searing Plasma * Vivid plasma * Hearts Lower Tier: gut und kann sich jeder leisten * Tf2 Logo * Peace * Confetti * Flies Mongolian Ghost for 3x Buds Mongolian Green Energy for 4x Buds Mongolian Peace for 2x Buds Hotrod Peace for 2x Buds+ Bills Brigade Helm Peace for 2x Buds+Bills Spartan Purpe Energy for 4x Buds Spartan Peace for 2x Buds+Bills Tricorne Peace for 3x Buds Earbuds for 2x Bills+lid Earbuds for 20x Refined Earbuds for 12x Keys Bills Hat for 8x Keys Lumbricus Lid 6x Keys
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